Conference Dinner

Since we do not want to leave out the social aspect of a conference completely, we are organizing so-called hubs and conference dinners at various locations throughout Europe in cooperation with young chemists. Networking will be made possible locally and on a smaller scale, insofar this will be possible and permitted at the respective locations in September.

Information about the Conference Dinner in INNSBRUCK:

Date and time: September 22nd, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Location: Weiherburggasse 31, 6020 Innsbruck (reachable with public transport line W from Terminal Marktplatz or the “Hungerburgbahn”)

Seeking the perfect way to round off the Young Chemists Summit? On September 22nd, the Villa Blanka with its breathtaking view over Innsbruck will set their tables for you. Villa Blanka is a specialised school for touristic and gastronomic professions that runs its very own restaurant, all staffed with its students. You will be able to choose between three main courses: a traditionally tyrolean roast pork, trout filet or “Käsespätzle”. Vegan courses will be queried at the dinner itself.

Menu Overview

Pre-dinner drink
Vegetable soup with shredded thin pancake
Roast pork with caraway seed jus, bread dumpling and cabbage
trout filet with white wine foam and seared vegetables 
Käsespätzle (traditional cheese dumplings) with fried onion (Vegetarian)
apple strudel with vanilla sauce

The price for each menu will be 35 euros, drinks excluded. This is a registration only event. 

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