Hub locations

Since we do not want to leave out the social aspect of a conference completely, we are organizing so-called hubs and conference dinners at various locations throughout Europe in cooperation with young chemists. On Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd of September 2020, we would create the possibility to follow the conference via streaming in the hubs. Networking will so be made possible locally and on a smaller scale, insofar this will be possible and permitted at the respective locations in September. The organization of the hubs and what is offered exactly during the streaming (coffee breaks, small buffets, … ) and how the conference dinner will look like, depends on the local organizing teams and on the corona safety measures at the different locations.

If you want to participate at a hub, you have to register!

The registration for the hubs is open until 30th of August. You will receive further information about your hub location by beginning of Sepember. By then, we will know which corona safety measures are applicable at your hub-location and we will inform you via mail accordingly how participation at the hub will proceed.

The following locations are confirmed so far for organizing a hub:


• Innsbruck
• Graz
• Vienna
• Salzburg


• Berlin
• Darmstadt
• Hamburg
• Nürnberg


• Zurich
• Fribourg

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